Spam Protector 2003

Spam Protector 2003 is a software, which will free your mailboxes from spam forever!




$19.99 (USD)


Windows All Versions

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Description of Spam Protector 2003:

Spam Protector 2003 - the best software tokeep your mail inboxes free from spam forever!

Creates a POP3 gateway between your e-mail client and your real POP3server, performing all the work on cleaning your mailboxes from spam mail. You won't even know that you get spam letters, cause they will be deletedautomatically right from your POP3 server!

Main features:
Customizable entrusted sender list (people, who definitely don't send spam to you) ;
Microsoft Address Book e-mail import ;
Customizable prohibited sender list (these guys send spam - delete their letters without any questions) ;
Unlimited number of protected mailboxes ;
Possibility to automatically send confirmation letters to find out that unknown sender is not a spam robot ;
New mail delivery informing - you'll always know that you received a new mail even if your mail client keeps silent ;
Banner cut - you can cut banner codes and other unnecessary advertising information from your e-mail either using constant text or regular expressions! ;
Mail auto checking - let Spam Protector 2003 automatically regularly check for new mail and automatically launch your mail client or play sound only if there is new mail, so that your big mail client wouldn't take memory. ;
Full customization to completely conform your needs!
All this and maybe something more just for$19.99 !!!

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