SOS (Small Office Solutions)

SOS is a business administration software package specialising in rapid inventory control.




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Description of SOS (Small Office Solutions):

SOS v1.5 is the latest version of our extremely easy-to-use program for the small home/business office. SOS produces invoices, credit notes, cash sale (POS) receipts, delivery notes, quotes, order acknowledgements and purchase orders. SOS reports on the most important stock data including product sales by customer/item, purchases by date and inventory levels, stock value etc. One of the great features of SOS is it's labour saving tricks, allowing you to prepare sales documents, look up customer and stock data, create large purchase orders and book in large amounts of stock with the minimum of effort on your part! SOS also lets you choose between laser quality and high speed dot-matrix sales document printing. SOS supports multiple VAT/sales tax rates as well as small businesses that are not VAT/Sales Tax registered. Other features include multiple discount rates, a quick and easy multi-item quote generator, an appointment diary with pop-up reminder, and an address book for all your business and personal contacts. The program comes with optional demo data and intergrated tutorial prompts for beginners so you can start finding out how powerful SOS is straight 'out of the box'. For the amazing price there is no better small/home office business solution!

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