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Description of SmartRoster:

Smartroster is the best new way to create superb rosters or schedules for Churches, Clubs, and similar family based groups.
SmartRoster saves time through reduced tedious data entry, and is extremely easy to use.

SmartRoster improves communication with automatically highlighted names, email-enabled reports, and automatic email reminders.

SmartRoster Is Fair. It removes bias when selecting people for a roster and evens out utilization, taking into account availability, work-together preferences, and usage targets.

SmartRoster eliminates clashes and mistakes. It helps you remember who can perform what roles and how often, and who is available for which service (meeting). It takes all personal preferences and absences into account and builds a roster that suits the most possible needs.

SmartRoster's is not denomination specific.

Features include:
- Store individual and family contact details
- Store absences as idividual dates (no limit), or a pattern of dates
- Specify whether individuals prefer to work together in the same event or not
- Allocate individuals to households and groups. Absences or work-together preferences for groups, which will apply to each individual in the group
- Allocate individual, household or groups to services
- Import personnel data in comma/tab delimited value format
- Assign each person to custom defined roles
- Optionally set how often to schedule each person in each role
- Evenly distributes usage among all people in each role
- Find the best schedule from 100s of possibilities
- Schedule from days to years!
- Schedule multiple services per days and for special one-off events
- Build a roster manually, semi manually, or completely automatically as desired
- Each service can have a unique set of required roles
- Creates personalised rosters with recipient's name pre-highlighted
- Export roster to PDF format or MS Word
- Address Book generation

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