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Description of SimpleData:

SimpleData 3.0 is a complete sales automation and inventory control solution!

Featuring complete customer and vendor functionality, SimpleData can manage your sales and inventory all from the convenience of a web browser. It can manage all your invoices, quotes, purchases, inventory, and requests for quotes. Plus offers the ability to track all payments and balances on purchases and orders. All reports or forms can than be printed or emailed right from your web browser. SimpleData printed forms fit a standard 2-pane envelope for easy mailings SimpleData features 4 sales and purchase reports and can be expanded through our customization services or in-house with all source code provided.

Because SimpleData is built on the Apache / MySQL / PHP (AMP) platform, it allows you to access your data on any computer with a web browser (Windows, Unix, or Mac) and features the centralized nature of an Intranet application for easy maintenance. In addition, its based on rock solid Internet technology that has been proven to scale to any size company.

Invoice; Quotes; Purchase Orders; Request For Quotes (RFQ); Inventory Control; 4 built-in Sales and Purchase Reports; Print or Email Quotes and Invoices to you customer; Customizable with complete source code provided; Centralized for easy maintenance; Based on the rock solid Apache / PHP / MySQL platform; Access from any computer with a Web Browser (Linux, Unix, Windows, or Mac); Runs on nearly all modern platforms (Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac); Perfect for low bandwidth VPN, SSH, Dial-Up connections (Ex. Satellite Offices)

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