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Description of SecureView image Encryption/Decryption:

SecureView Encryptor enables the user to point the software at a top level folder and encrypt every tiff image file that it encounters within the folder structure. The system handles all types of single page, multi-page, monochrome, greyscale and colour tiff images. The user determines the encryption key to be used to archive the files, making the system fully secure when allowing different users to access the same system. SecureView Decryptor enables the user to view images that were previously encrypted. The user can only view images that his/her SecureView username/password allows him/her to have access to. The initial product operates in a standalone environment. However, the next release will see the ActiveX (ocx) version of SecureView Decryptor that enables system integrators to use the decryption/viewing power of 128bit block encryption within other databases and/or products. Add total image security to existing imaging databases.

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