Powerful e-business/site management software to set up and maintain a fully customized, database driven webshop or product CD ROM.




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Description of 4Sale:

The 4Sale software offers a smart e-business solution for small business and midmarket sales organisations. It allows the end users to set up and maintain their own digital product catalogue. The user-defineable database can be generated using user-defineable templates, resulting into a complete and customized HTML webshop/showroom which can be easily uploaded on the web using the in-built FTP manager. As an alternative, product CD ROMS can be produced.Multiple languages, markets, prices, currencies, lay-outs as well as the most common order- and payment methods are supported. An advanced import/export interface allows the software to exchange data with 3rd party databases like ERP systems. Besides ordering, 4Sale also allows you to generate sales leads through user defineable requestforms to be attached to each product. Cross selling by matching optional accessories onto main products is standard included.Additional components can be defined to expand the 4Sale system into a complete web content management system. Using these 4sale components, actual webinfo like newsitems, vacancies, portfolio, etc. can be maintained the same and easy way as the productinfo. Useful included tools are the homepage design tool, search tool, template design tool, user management tool. These tools can be used to create basic layouts through a graphical interface. However, you can also build your own fully customized templates, using your own favourite HTML editor and use these within 4Sale to generate your customized webshop/showroom. 4Sale comes complete incl. an extensive English online Helpfunction

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