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Roll Call is a LAN-based in and out board and centralized email address book.The main fallacy of in and out boards is people forget to change their status. With Roll Call, you only need to remember to change it when you leave your desk, not when you return. When you click your mouse or type on your keyboard for the first time after being away from your desk, Roll Call will automatically change your status to "desk". If you happen to leave your desk and forget to change your status, Roll Call will change it to "idle" after a given amount of time.When you remember to change your status, Roll Call makes it easy by allowing you to type a hotkey or select a status from a popup menu that is presented when Roll Call's tray icon is right clicked. For instance, you can define a hotkey to change your status to "lunch", another to "home", etc. No matter what the forefront application is, you can enter a key sequence to change your status. Roll Call's tray icon also graphically represents what your current status is.When you change your status, Roll Call saves you time by defaulting to a reasonable return time. If "lunch" or "break", the current time plus the typical amount of time you take for lunch or a break respectively. If "home", the next business day at your typical arrival time. The calculation of the next business day considers company holidays that you provide and weekends.Roll Call provides additional information. Associated with each employee record is a notes section, group list, email address and a phone list. The notes section can be used to advise others of your future plans to be out of the office or away from your desk. Groups are useful because the employee list can be filtered to only show those associated with a particular group. Therefore, when a potential customer calls, the receptionist can use Roll Call to quickly determine which sales person is available.Roll Call can initiate a new out going message in MAPI compliant mail programs with the recipients prefilled with employees and groups of employees that you have selected.There are two implementations of Roll Call. The first is the File-Share version. Its installation is a simple two step process. The first step is to run the server setup. The server setup installs the database and client setup into a common directory. The database is a collection of files that each running copy of Roll Call cooperatively shares and maintains. The second step is to run the client setup on each PC. The user will have a choice of installing the 32-bit version or 16-bit version of Roll Call if the workstation has the Windows 95 Shell Interface. Else, the 16-bit version will be installed. The 16-bit version does not support groups or hotkeys, but it uses less resources.The second implementation is the Client-Server version. The server setup installs the database and the Roll Call Server. The Roll Call Server is the only program that directly maintains the database. The client setup installs Roll Call. The communication between the running copies of Roll Call and Roll Call Server is through NetBIOS, TCP/IP or IPX/SPX. Roll Call and Roll Call Server must be installed on a OS that has the Windows 95 Shell Interface. A 16-bit version of Roll Call is currently not available for this implementation. If Roll Call Server is installed on NT, it will be setup as a service.If you have an NT machine to run Roll Call Server on and all of the workstations that will run Roll Call are running an OS with the Windows 95 Shell Interface, choose the Client-Server version. Else, choose the File-Share version. Either will run on a stand alone machine.The unregistered version of Roll Call does not contain "nag" screens, and is not time-limited. However, you will be limited to 5 users until you register. Contact us if you would like more than 5 users to evaluate it. We would be happy to send you a temporary key.

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