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Ridox handles most of complex structure of export documentation and export business management. No re-keying of information Minimal maintenance ┬ĘC not rule based Filtered, customizable and faster reports and it can be viewed, printed and faxed directly Greater accuracy data Multi currency with exchange rate tracking Easy of use, highly efficient, accurate and reliable system Integrated solution with effective management information system Practical approach to export docs. & Management exports procedure. generate all reports in familiar MS Word and html format for quick emailing Many templates for Packing List and Invoices to suit business needs Export Business Management Create/maintain pro forma invoice/quotation Create/maintain export order Create/maintain distribution order advance receipt tracking Inward LC tracking Receipt and Claim tracking against specific export invoice maintenance register for all the transactions Job order creation/maintenance and linking with export order Create Export Documentation directly from export order/ distribution order without re key Pre Shipment Packing list tracking Power reports with possible filtering criterion on complete database Work scheduler Security Endorsement Letter to Bank for Collection/Negotiation/Purchase of Document Certificate of Origin Documentation in unique manner Packing List Commercial Invoice Pre Shipment Packing Slip and Invoice Shut out Report Bills of Exchange Bank Certificate for export and Realization Dangerous Goods Declaration Dock receipt Bill of Lading Shipping Instructions Shipper's Export Declaration Pro forma Invoice Security Endorsement Letter to Bank for Collection/Negotiation/Purchase of Document Certificate of Origin Power reports on entire data powerful report engine on all the transactions and masters any report can be filtered on user defined selected criterion Reports can be exported to HTML and/or MS Word format User may save its filtered criterion Supports multiple copies of selected documentation Selected documents can be printed in multiple Easy selection of documents through buyer selection drop down We also facilitate user defined documentation Printing through customized Excel Driven reports (Add On) in following simplified process:Step 1- create your documentation template in MS ExcelStep 2- provide us your template file through email and at Ripra, we will work out report template moduleStep 3- we will email you back, a module file (text file) to be just added with your applicationStep 4- Just select your default template file for documentation and click to open the selected report

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