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This search database is the ideal tool for marketing with use of electronic mail. The hardware requirements: the only requirement presence on a hard d




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Description of RG Mail DataBase and Search:

System requirements: 5 MB of available hard disk space and Internet connectionThis search database is the ideal tool for marketing with use of electronic mail. With the help of the given program you can easily and quickly:¡¤ Make the lists of the addresses of your sending¡¤ Make and to operate base of the clients with preservation of the complete information about the client¡¤ Make base of the template letters ¡¤ Operatively to operate mail-list and to have the information at any moment,I.e. you receive the very powerful marketing tool, which will allow to receive advantage before the concurrents and will keep your money and time for search of the new clients.Simply define keywords of your search and the program will give out hundred e-mail addresses of the potential clients registered in the basic search engines.It is very simple, it is convenient and quickly.The program consists of two basic sections:Search engine, which is intended for extraction of addresses of e-mail of web sites in Internet (under protocols HTTP and HTTPS). The program supports work through proxy-server. For search on keywords use of popular search engines - Yahoo, Alta Vista, Go, Excite, Googly is possible.Let's allocate some basic advantages of the program:¡¤ Takes e-mail addresses by the given parameters¡¤ Allows to set size of scanning deep into and wide into¡¤ Allows to cut unnecessary ways by the task of options, through which you can take from web sites only addresses, necessary to you¡¤ Has intuitive, convenient and informative interface¡¤ Excludes repetitions at record of results in a database¡¤ Uses parallelisation of search for acceleration of work¡¤ Allows to enter various restrictions on scanning¡¤ The detailed description to the user¡¤ Free-of-charge information support from the manufacturerDatabaseThe database allows to keep the information found in search engine. But basic purpose not only to keep, but also to give an opportunity to make the account of the clients and letters, conduct sending of the letters to the clients and groups of the clients by one pressing of a key, to keep the information on the client and his contacts etc. By all these and many other tasks with ease the given program consults.Let's allocate some basic advantages of the program:¡¤ Allows to create practically unlimited number of the clients, groups of the clients and standard letters¡¤ Allows to transfer the clients information from a folder to a folder by one key¡¤ Has a “Outbox” folder and function of sending of the letters by one button click¡¤ Allows to attach contacts to the already existing client¡¤ Has functions of search¡¤ Has an opportunity to browse a WWW page by one button click¡¤ Allows manually enter contacts and client information¡¤ Has standard, convenient and informative interface

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