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Description of Retail Strata:G Financial Planner:

A custom-designed financial forecasting software program that fully integrates Open-to-Buy planning, and the management of profits and debt, inventory and cash flow. Used by retailers who have little knowledge of accounting and/or little patience with computers! Enter a few numbers and the program does the just minutes! POWERFUL STUFF!The Retail Strata-G Financial you the figures you need to help you control, not just manage, your inventory.....helps you anticipate buying plans and cash flow BEFORE committing to an order. ...helps you manage your company's future, not just analyze its past!...shows trends and takes the mystery out of Pro Forma statements. ...automates all that the Trainer teaches and instantly generates up to TWELVE integrated financial projections (including fully-integrated Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Open-to-Buy, and Cash Flow projection)!...means you never again need to pay hundreds (or thousands) of dollars for financial projection help! ...generates a new, fully integrated outcome, every time you change an assumption....can help predict profits and losses. ...will help you in under an hour generate your first financial retail specific!

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