Reservation ASP

Make reservations of any object over the internet!Configure everything and change any program text without any programming and html knowledge.




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Description of Reservation ASP:



Enhanced Calendar

- Daily, weekly, monthly views
- Group calendar by any item stored
- Group calendar by standby reservations
- FreeCalendar! does not need program login
- Very enhanced and fancy date picker

Queue and Standby Functionality

- Reserve reserved items!
- Get informed by email/sms when an item becomes available


- Individual mail notification can be stored in user profile


- Automatic database-upgrade from version 2.0

Reservation Management

- Add reservations (incl. multiple object-selection)
- Recurring Reservations (repeat reservations!)
- Change and delete reservations
- Search for and sort reservations
- Correct and administrate reservation data collisions
- Add new reservation items
- Delete reservation items

User Profile Management

- Add new user profiles
- Change and delete user profiles
- Search for and sort user profiles
- Select between German, English, French, Italian & Spain languages.
- Choose between card- and list view of user profiles

Program Rights Management

- Assign user profiles to specific user groups
- Administrate user group program rights

Reservation Object Management

- Add new reservation objects
- Disable reservation objects
- Change and delete reservation objects
- Search for and sort reservation objects


- Start 50 prefined reports
- Add, change and delete reports
- Modify any sql-based data selection
- Choose between Excel, TSV, CSV, REC and HTML as export formats

Dropdown Box Management

- Add new dropdown box values
- Change and delete all dropdown box values

Program Configuration Options

- Change the user interface (colors, text size, frames, borders etc.)
- Change any program text on the fly
- Change all help texts
- Change news- and welcome texts

- Define how you want to maintain data integrity

- Automatic mail and sms delivery!


- Display all reservations per month, week and day
- Make date sensitive reservations in the calendar

Online Help

- Request context-sensitive online help

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