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Complete Property Management program for the mid-size landlord




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Description of Rent Admin Pro:

Update:Check writer has been added, you can e-mail the reports or save to disk in 5 different formats. Issues late payment billing and reports, and you can set a fixed charge for late payment. Keeps track of work orders, tenants requests for repair, and property inventoryKeeps track of tenants payments, security deposits. Charges rent automatically, transfers past tenant owing to a separate form automatically. You can record separte charges and returned checks, record unit numbers and sizes, enter properties in a separate record each. Prints reports for all tenants, or a separate tenant statemen t, prints tenants billing in detail including water, electricity,...etc. You can enter or record tenants leases, tenants information such as names, phones,...etc. you can pay your invoices and record your checks. Produces a cash flow statement for income and expenses. You can enter your bank statement and produce reports to reconcile the bank to the exact balance in your bank statement. Keeps track of maintenance records in detail by property or unit, transfers and classifies the maintenance items automatically. Records and reports Mortgages, Insurance and contracts.Recommended as a complete package for mid-size landlords, who want to have full control and all details of their rental business.

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