Quicksite Web Application

The quicksite web tool is a turnkey web content managment system. I allows a user to manage web stie content much like a publishing model.




$300 (USD)


Windows All Versions

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Description of Quicksite Web Application:

Quicksite Web ToolQuick integration: Because installation and integration takes days not months, Web developers save time and reduce headaches.Easy administration: After the Web site administrator sets up users with usernames, passwords, and individual permission settings¡ªpublishing, adding files to library, and adding new content can be easily modified by the administrator. Controlled access: Security concerns around giving users FTP access are eliminated with the image and file library where only authenticated users with appropriate permissions can upload. Zero learning curve: The work area lets both editors and publishers access content through an intuitive browser-based, Windows-like interface; while the word processor-like editor is second nature. Extreme affordability: The Quicksite web tool gives you the most affordable content management solution on the market!

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