The clever software product, which manages ALL of the documents on your network such as letters, quotes, brochures and spreadsheets




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You know how frustrating it can be when you are trying to track down a document you know was produced a couple of months ago but when exactly was it? And on which of the 20 workstation PC's in the network was it saved? Worse still, you have a client on the phone wanting to discuss the document and you can't find it!With QuickDox, this embarrassing and time-wasting scenario is a thing of the past! Know exactly where any document is at any time and be able to access it easily. No more asking around to see who remembers which terminal it was saved on or what filename it was saved under.When using QuickDox as the standard in your work place, you will be assured that documents are no longer saved in the wrong location. All documents generated by QuickDox are placed in a special document registry so when it comes time to locating that document you can easily search for it by Reference, Date, Sender Name, Attention or even Subject. With QuickDox, you can also create a set of standard document templates, so that when you create a new document with QuickDox, it will search for predefined fields and automatically replace them with the appropriate information. This saves you time and money by making the process of creating a document far more efficient.

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