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Create truly amazing looking forms and surveys at an incredibly low cost. All you need is a PC and an internet connection. Our servers do all the work




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Description of Quask FormCaster:

Quask Formcaster is easy to use and gives you truly amazing looking forms. Use FormCaster for employee surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, general questionnaires, forms and market research. It covers the entire survey process from form design, distribution, data collection through to the analysis of your data. Quask uses unique Interactive Images (Emoticons) in addition to the available standard survey tools. You are in full control of the entire process and are charged on a low-cost pay-per-use basis. Quask allows direct distribution using HTML-Emails or anonymous surveys via our broadcast system. Surveys can always be tested for free and 20 Free Units will be allocated after your registration.The software is based on pay-per-use. $99 will add 100 Units to your account.

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