QuantaZip for Outlook

automatically and transparently zip and unzip attachments in MS Outlook and Exchange client




$20 (USD)


Windows All Versions

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Description of QuantaZip for Outlook:

A++ ZIP is now being developed and sold by Ascent Solutions Inc as QuantaZip for Outlook. ASI is a global leader in data compression solutions promoting a full line of cross-platform compatible programs.Please follow this link to the new site:http://www.quantacentral.com/ZipProduct/I will still be involved with the development, so if you have a suggestion or a bug report please do not hesitate to contact me at azipext@dimastr.com. For all other inquires including volume pricing please go to http://www.QuantaZip.com/contact.cfm Ascent Solutions Inc. will honor all existing user agreements, please check the link above for a new version 2.1 of QuantaZip for Outlook.

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