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Description of Quant Tracer:

Quant Tracer is a computerized telephone call registration system. Using Tracer, all calls from and to your organisation are registered and stored into a database. It is then used to provide detailed real-time reports on telephone use, which enables you to locate and eliminate problems that cost you money.

Tracer represents a complete telephone call registration and storage solution.

Tracer receives the telephone call information from the phone central and records it into a database on the computer on which it resides. The data can later be searched, filtered and browsed on the computer screen or printed on paper. Tracer gives you complete control over all of your telephone calls and, most importantly, the costs made.

Main users of Quant Tracer:

? Small to medium sized companies which have problems with large telephone bills. Tracer will help you determine the extension and the employee(s) responsible for this, and to check the validity of the telephone bills received from the telephone company.
? Organizations with several departments or projects. Tracer clearly divides the telephone costs between departments and projects, so each of them covers its own part of the bill. This way you can plan the telephone budget ahead very precisely.
? Educational and scientific institutions. Tracer has a powerful option of limiting the telephone costs for every employee for certain period of time (day, month, year). At the end of the period, each employee receives a telephone bill and is obliged to mark out the private calls.
? Hotels. Tracer serves as a professional tool for telephone calls registration and billing. At the time of departure, each client receives detailed telephone bill. The layout of the telephone bill is completely customized.
? Every company or individual in need of precise and continuous registration of every activity of the telephone system

Tracer registers the telephone calls in the background and does not affect the normal operation of the computer on which it is installed. This means that you don't have to reserve a separate computer for Quant Tracer. If the computer is connected to a network, then you can browse, print and calculate the costs of the telephone calls from any computer in the network. To allow this kind of flexibility and convenience, and at the same time prevent security problems, only an authorised person with a valid username and password can enter the program.

Quant Tracer contains a very powerful filter for searching the telephone calls database. You can select calls by date, time, extension, duration, cost, dialled number, user code, etc. One of the newest features is the interactive view of the telephone calls, which enables you to quickly, easily and interactively filter the desired data.

At the time when the telephone call is over, Traces calculates the cost according to the duration and the internal tariff. Quant Tracer contains the complete tariff list used by the telecom for all existing countries, and also local traffic, mobile telephony, Internet, an 0500 and 0800 numbers.

Another powerful feature of Tracer is the control and limiting of telephone costs. You can set cost limits on any extension, user or outside telephone line, and Tracer will notify you when telephone costs reach or exceed the limited amount.

The system also comes with a built-in telephone directory, which helps you easily find out when and from where was a certain telephone number dialled or received.

Tracer guarantees uninterrupted telephone call registration on multiple levels. Firstly, the system is protected with an UPS, which enables the data gathering and recording to continue even in case of a power failure. Moreover, the beginning and end of every program session is recorded into the database, so the user knows exactly when and for how long the system has been offline.

Quant Tracer is compatible with every telephone central equipped with a serial SMDR port used for connection with a printer or a computer. This means that it works with almost every system currently available on the market, no matter the size, including Panasonic, Siemens, Iskra, Erricson, Alcatel, AT&T, Northern Telecom, etc.


? Personal computer under Windows 95, 98, Millennium, Windows NT or Windows 2000 operating system with minimum 16MB RAM, VGA 800x600, 15MB of free hard disk space and one available serial communication port.
? The server component (Tracer Resident) and client (viewer application) of Quant Tracer can, but doesn¡¯t have to exist on the same computer if there is a Microsoft Windows network available (NetBEUI protocol).

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