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Horse racing prediction software that enables users to quickly and accurately predict the winning runners.




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Description of Punter's Professional:

The Punter's Professioanl prediction engine needs only a sparse input of information about horses, riders and courses to predict the winning runners! So far this has proved to be 50%-60% successful!The quick and easy interface provides swift input and editing of all entered information, through the use of wizards and clean, crisp graphics!Punter's Professional incorporates a complex database system that holds all course and race information that is available at the click of the mouse. This edition allows the input of up to 180 meetings / races and up to 4000 horses into each database file.Incorporated into the horse results screen is the ability to enter the actual results of the race that you have been calculating. This way you can clearly see the differences in the way Punter's predicts and grades the runners entered. These comparisons can be put into graph form for simple overview later and can be printed off at your convenience.All information that needs to be entered into Punter's is compatible with all race courses around the world. All Jockey weights are available in Metric or Imperial and can be entered in Stones, Pounds or Kilograms, making Punter's available to other countries such as the US and Australia.Visit http://www.punterspro.com/ for more info.

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