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Print your own very big posters and pass photos! Scan a picture and print it out very big. You don't need a special printer! The program prints the posters on many pages and you can put them together with glue. Edit the pictures with the integrated picture editor "ImageArtist".Features: -Posters size up to 600 square meters-Support numerous file formats (JPEG, BMP, TGA, TIFF...)-Scanner support through Twain32 interface -Picture improvement through retouch functions-Integrates picture editor "ImageArtist" -Edges for glue as well as sticking and cut lines -Help lines specially for posters -Print function for pass photos-Integrated picture browser-1:1 quality preview and page preview-can save every pages as bitmap filePoster-Printery had get a 5 stars rating on ZDNet.This is the ZDNet Review:Poster-Printery lets you turn image files into large posters (up to 600square meters). This impressive application is easy to use, well documented,and produces quality results. You can load an image file or access yourscanner to provide the initial input. A tabbed interface is available foryou to access the simple steps involved. You can modify the graphic byadjusting the brightness and contrast; cut out a piece to print; and flip,rotate, or mirror the original. You can also apply a variety of effects andeven load the image in an integrated drawing program to apply more-personaledits. You can then determine the paper size and margins you want to workwith. A print-preview area allows you to adjust the size of the output andclearly visualize the number of pages it will take to create the poster.Program Pros* Easy to use* Quality results* Image editor* Highly configurableProgram Cons* None

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