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Description of Polar Reports Enterprise - Educational:

Polar Reports Enterprise is the only reporting tool built from the ground up as a web reporting solution using common HTML standard content & formats. This allows you to seamlessly integrate sophisticated reports into your Internet, Intranet, Extranet, and E-Commerce sites using any standard file or web server, and without special custom viewers. The precise layout and pagination in printing, and fast data merging provides the most advanced, reusable web reports available.

Polar Reports Enterprise uses a powerful WYSIWYG report designer to enable fast, flexible report creation without any programming, proprietary file formats, languages, or tools. Add charts, data-bound images, subreports, grouping and other powerful, Internet ready features including VBScript And JScript to produce dynamic, reusable reports.

When your reports are complete, distribute them simply by publishing the report to your web site. Using the Polar Reports Enterprise software, your Microsoft IIS, Apache (Windows), or iPlanet/Netscape (Windows) web server will run the report and quickly deliver the results to the browser, with no plugin. All browsers including Microsoft IE, Netscape, Mozilla and Opera can be used to view and print reports.

Polar Reports Enterprise integrates directly with Microsoft IIS, Apache, and Netscape/iPlanet web servers to deliver reports directly via URL. This eliminates the previous version's reliance on ASP programming to deliver reports. The Polar Reports Automation Server (COM) is still available for advanced ASP application integration, but not required.

Polar Reports Enterprise now supports Web Prompts for database credentials, report password, and parameter value prompts. These customizable pages automatically display when needed, and can be disabled when desired.

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