123- Pizzabringdienst (Bringdienstprofi)

Pizzabringdienstsoftware V2.5, the special solution for all bringing services.




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Description of 123- Pizzabringdienst (Bringdienstprofi):

Pizzabringdienstsoftware, the special solution for all bringing services. The complete solution for Pizzabringdienste, Pizzataxi and Pizzaservice. Snap and simple order acceptance and order handling inclusive. Customer and bill of fare administration plus driver account on provisionsbasis. Calculation printing in DIN A4 and A5. various statistics and print functions round the program off those highlights of Pizzadienst on a Blick:¡¤ simple operation, ¡¤ create a bill of fare (now FIVE price levels moeglich), ¡¤ bill of fare prints, ¡¤ plus minus field for added down or in addition e.g.: Minus mushrooms (-1,50DM)¡¤ create a customer file with extensive search functions, ¡¤ customer file print (after numerous Sortierkriterien), ¡¤ orders enter (with calculation printing in two Formaten), ¡¤ new printing options: They can select between immediately printing (a copy in each case) and side view (number of printouts can be determined), ¡¤ now also with time-of-day on the calculation, and refer to for the Auslieferungsfahrer¡¤ selection/definition of the VAT rate for each articles now, ¡¤ quantity discount or other price deductions can be selected or input, ¡¤ selection of the distribution driver directly with the order accommodation or in the evening during the account, ¡¤ determine to the driver commission in the evening during the account, ¡¤ all orders can after the daily account be deleted in the evening, ¡¤ determination and printout of the daily turnover (if necessary separated according to distribution drivers and numerous other Statisitken.

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