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Each professional delivery service should have a refined software with which it can take, administer and handle its orders.




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Description of Pizza-Server Professional:

Each professional delivery service should have a refined software with which it can take, administer and handle its orders.The Pizza-Server has several outstanding advantages, such as its good price performance relationship, its easy handling and its extensive set of functions. Depending on the requirements of the delivery service it is available in two different versions. If you already use the software, a conversion of the regular customers is in most cases possible. Please contact us and send us a data sample for analysis.Features:- survey of orders (proof of single turnovers), turnovers of items per day- taking of orders with customer registration and storage- writing of bills and survey of turnovers- 9 groups of articles / items, 2 sets of VAT, 6 groups of prices, half toppings- search function according to number of customer, name, street or telephone number- back up of more than 10 000 customers on a disc- minimum amount / value of order according to different delivery addresses / places of delivery- cancellation / credit notes with possible indication of reasons and employee- two print modes: fast printing also for dot-matrix printers- password protection for data relevant to the turnovers- survey of daily costs- printing of coupons with booking- registration of the employees' working hours- adjustable levels of access according to position of employee- booking of bills and cashing up with indication of distance compensation and change- tables of work done so far and monthly survey- survey of regular customers with possibility of discounts- advance orders with adjustable date of payment possible- reports of article turnovers, reports of turnovers per month, reports of cancellations and coupons- reports of custumers, new customers, area and street turnovers- control of calls (isdn modem necessary)- maps- simultaneous taking of orders and booking with two PCs possible

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