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Create unlimited size bird's-eye view city map.




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Description of #Pipalsoft Mapbuilder:

Mapbuilder is designed for creating unlimited size bird's-eye view city maps.The special features include:1. Easy tools to build road,river,lake and picture filled regions. 2. Supports up to 99 map layers.The map layers are used for exhibiting distance relationships of different map objects. 3. Quick-build a bird's-eye view map from a traditional plane map.Referenced Images can be used for quick design.If you have a traditional city map and you want to create a bird's-eye view map, scan the map to get a bitmap, divide it into several parts (if the map is large), load the bitmap in Mapbuilder, and draw roads, rivers,etc. on it. 4. Powerful search and locate function.Descriptions can be added for any map objects and can be found and locate very quickly. Mapbuilder can be used for trip,city layout,GPS and etc.Build a whole city's bird's-eye view map is very useful. It can replace current plane map.Combine with GPS,Mapbuilder can give a better choice for global position system.A related browser Mapscape have been developed to view the map which create by Mapbuilder.Moreover,Mapbuilder can be easily migrated to Pocket PC,Palm and othe PDA device.

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