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Description of Personal Internet Phone Equipment:

Personal Internet Phone Equipment (PIPE) is a Windows application providing capability of real-time vocal communication; i.e. it is a software product that allows you to talk with your friends, colleagues or relatives with the help of a computer and IP network!

PIPE supports voice PC-to-PC calls both over the Internet and local area networks (LAN) based on TCP/IP protocols stack. Basically, the program is intended for the following purposes:
Free or low cost long-distance calls between two persons through computers, connected to the Internet.; Office telephone, which allows voice information exchange for a company's stuff by means of computers and intranet.
The voice communication through computer networks is a subject of great interest. Nowadays we have more then a dozen well-known software solutions to this problem. However using PIPE is more advantageous in comparison with similar products:
PIPE provides reliable voice transmission of high quality.; PIPE allows establishing connection over Socks Proxies.; PIPE includes a smart and adjustable UDP port scanning mechanism.; Installing PIPE requires little disk space.; The program has a phone-like user interface.
PIPE can operate most of hardware/software configurations based on Win32 platforms with Intel Pentium processors (see the configuration requirements below). I hope you'll enjoy using PIPE for voice talking.

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