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Small Business and Home Organizer The Ultimate PMS (Personal Management Software)with File Essentials, Child Safe Browser Child guard, Reminder Notes,




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Description of pdc Essentials Me-1 Small Business and Home Organizer:

Pdc Essential Me-1 is an exceptional organizer with features to save time and money. The program has features that almost every one will use every day. Amaze friends and colleagues with your efficiency and memory. The key to pdc Essentials is the desktop interface. This interface allows for access to all the other programs and will interact with them to display information to the user. Minimize the interface and keep on working it will automatically activate to display the required information. The calculator program is ideal for professionals, college students and engineers. The web browser is designed to save you time when surfing the web. Returning to the last web page visited, go directly to your favorite search engine, retain all of the web pages visited and list the web page by name and URL location. Today the Internet is extremely hazardous place to allow children to play. The child safe portion of the browser allows for multiple protection. Allowing you to select the web pages appropriate to the child, filtering content based on URL name and also allowing you to restrict web pages. Caution: Safeguards are a big step in protecting your child. The best safeguard is parental supervision. Search engines can be added to the browser and designated as child safe. It also allows for additional restrictions, for example chat rooms. Print and edit program allows printing and editing of information from the other programs. Allowing changing fonts, changing font size, add pictures and text addition. Print and edit also doubles as a viewer for viewing files from other programs and allows the printing of envelopes and form letters based on information from other programs. Most all the programs allow pictures, files, sound and video to be associated with the files. Searching for information through the programs is non-case sensitive and the complete word is not required. File Essentials is a filing system that adapts to keep track of almost every thing. The limit of the program restricted only by imagination and requirements of the individual. The system comes set up for three different filing systems My Files, My Music and My Pictures. You may adapt the basic setup of the systems to fit your needs. The system adapts to track things unrelated to your computer or off and on your computer. The program allows for creation of completely new and different systems unrelated to computers or files, the possibilities are endless.

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