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Innovative software for creating, managing and publishing compelling virtual tour packages from all kinds of 360-degree panoramas and single-shot donu




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Description of Panorama Express:

Panorama Express is the most advanced software solution for creating, managing
and publishing the most compelling virtual tour packages.

With Panorama Express 1.0, you can:

*Use virtually ANY single-shot panoramic imaging system you want.
No stitching! No multiple shots!
Save lots of money and time by using the panoramic imaging system you already have!
If you have none, get the best-valued system for your business!

*Import virtually ANY 360-degree panorama you already have, including, but
not limited to, stitched panoramas, partial and rectilinear panoramas!
Save lots of money and time!

*Take advantage of great image processing features to enhance your images
directly within Panorama Express! No need to invest in expensive third-party
image processing software!

*Create the most compelling virtual tour packages using your single-shot
donut images and/or 360-degree panoramas with the single click of a button!

*Visually and easily add advanced features such as different kinds ofhotspots, scripted movements,
synchronized floor plans or maps, audio tracks (Oh yes you cancreate talking virtual tours)
and both independent and synchronized previewcomponents to create unique, high-impact virtual tour packages!

*Edit features for multiple donut images and panoramas in batch.
Createhigh-volume virtual tour packages in no time!

*Create and distribute as many packages as you want. No keys! No royalties!

*Enhance the visual appeal of your virtual tour packages with a largecollection of cool viewer skins!

*Add your company's logo to each panorama and virtual tour package for a branded viewing experience!

*Levarage both Java and ActiveX to enjoy the greatest cross-platformcompatibility and reach the widest possible customer base!

*Export your virtual tour package as a single, self-contained executable file!
Upload your virtual tour packages directly to your FTP server within Panorama Express!
Use your automatically generated HTML code "as is" or copy and paste into your own web pages!

*Save your work as a Panorama Express Project so you can edit it at any time!

*Enjoy many more advantages -- Panorama Express takes your virtual tour business to greater heights of success.

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