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Using OTrader to track your options can actually save you time and money...


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Description of OTrader Options Portfolio:


As an active trader mistakes can be expensive, so it makes good sense to learn how to avoid them.


Making the same mistakes can be devastating to your account. To keep our profits we need to learn how to minimize our losses. Many traders repeat their mistakes because they don¡¯t keep track of them. Don¡¯t be a repeat offender. Learn from every trade by using the Trader¡¯s Diary within OTrader. With 31 predefined fields and the ability to take 3 screen shots per trade, you will be well on your way to pinpointing those costly errors.


OTrader also allows you to create unlimited portfolios, this will allow you to paper trade any number of trading styles. After which you can analyze with various reports to find the most profitable.
Key benefits that OTrader has to Offer ...

Setting your own profit and loss targets. ;
Ability to take three screen shots per trade to review later. ;
Fourteen different reports to see and measure your performance. ;
View Ex-Dividend dates when processing a trade. ;
30 fields in the trader's diary to take notes about each trade. ;
Include data fees in reports to get true Profit/Loss each month. ;
Calculator to determine profits targets. ;
Import Data form your old Easy Trader excel sheets. (Basic version only) ;
Breakeven Point of Trade. ;
Quickly see which options are ITM, OTM or ATM ;
See which options have or are about to expire. ;
Include or exclude brokerage in calculations. ;
Graphs to see your performance visually. ;
Create as many portfolios as you need. ;
Multiple graphs to view your performance. ;
Customable menu. ;
Live update so you always have the latest version. ;
Deposit and withdraw funds at any time form your bank balance. ;
Watch List. ;
Free life time upgrades.

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