Office Building Loan Underwriting Template

Concise Microsoft Excel template for underwriting U.S. office building loan requests, including Underwriting Checklist and Appraisal Checklist.




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Office Building Loan Underwriting Template Download

Description of Office Building Loan Underwriting Template:

Banks Channel Publishing LLC has developed the Office Building Loan Underwriting Template in Microsoft Excel format. This is a concise, quantitative template, including rent roll, historical and underwritten cash flow, and summary pages, along with short-form, yet thorough Appraisal Review Checklist and Underwriting Checklist. The template is offered in conjunction with the Underwriter's Toolbox website at, which provides links to a wide variety of information to support loan underwriting.Underwriting Templates from Banks Channel Publishing will benefit loan underwriters at banks, S&Ls, finance companies, life companies, and CMBS conduits, as well as mortgage bankers and brokers sizing loans for lender submission, and property owners/investors and pension advisors preparing preliminary financing packages for lender or mortgage banker review. Underwriter's Toolbox --- since 1999!

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