NOTARY PERSONAL is a dedicated database program for Notaries. You can centralize your costumers information with normal data and photos




$49.9 (USD)


Windows All Versions


Description of NOTARY PERSONAL:

With NOTARY PERSONAL you can take in your hand all information about your customers, even document images and personal photo in order to identificate them.You can print the customer file with his photograph, print telephonic list, send him e-mails and make labels to brief.NOTARY PERSONAL can store customer history notes and you can take them with a single operation. You can search the customers database and classify them in several ways.Besides, the system has a solid backup system and utilities to maintain healthy the system, and a security features to limited the access to database in different ways.NOTARY PERSONAL is the non-network version of NOTARY SERVER. You can upgrade to SERVER if you wish and maintain the same database.

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