NeuralPower is a general, integrated, easiest-to-use and powerful Artificial Neural Network (ANN) program




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NeuralPower is a general, integrated, easiest-to-use and powerful Artificial Neural Network (ANN) program. By hiding the secrets of ANN, it is designed especiallyfor novices who know few about inside of ANN. With its friendly user-interface, simple operations and high efficient performance, most of general ANN problems can be handed with great results.Features:1.Unique! Multi-learning data files supported: almost all other similar products support only one data file for learning process. Sometimes, this is not enough for real problems.2.Unique! Normal and grid data types supported: almost all other products support only "Normal" learning type. In some cases, it can't meet the actual requirements.3.Power up! Suport VB, Java and Delphi/Pascal script languages.4.Flexiable! No limitation on layer numbers and nodes number of each layer. Each layer can have different transfer functions. Connections among nodes of different layers can be turned on or off. 5.Extendable! Besides six types of most-often used transfer functions, customers can define functions of their self.6.Visual! Real time monitoring and graphical representations of learning process.7.Rapid! Fast converge of learning. For example, for "XOR" problem, learning error will converge to zero within three iterations.8.Unique! Steps-by-Steps learning mode give you full control on learning process.9.Dynamic control of learning process: Support interrupting and resuming of learning process. Learning can be started from a set of any random weight values or specific by customer.10.Editor for visual design of network structures. 11.Compact interface design. 12.Easy settlement for time series analysis. 13.Abilities for optimal study and 2D-3D graphical analysis..14.Excel-like, multi-windows data file editor.

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