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MnemonicWord Builder creates custom Mnemonic words from letters provided by the student or professional. Mnemonics can facilitate the process of remem




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Description of MnemonicWord Builder 3.0: sells a computer program that builds a custom Mnemonic Word from letters provided by the student. A mnemonic word, used properly can facilitate the process of remembering. How? It’s by association. Association is the concept of relating something new with something you already know. This strategy or technique can be used to remember all kinds of lists needed for both the student and the professional. The key is to make the word association as personal as possible. For Example: The Great Lakes of North America can be remembered with the one-word mnemonic, HOMES. H-uron, O-ntario, M-ichigan, E-rie, S-uperior. Each letter of the mnemonic triggers the 1st letter of a lake. The lakes, in this case are nouns but could have been verbs, things to do today, names of people, places, facts, concepts, elements of law or government, or just things. You name it. However, the most effective mnemonic word is either a word with personal meaning significant to the user or the word meaning parallels the list concept. That’s where MnemonicWord ? Builder comes into play. The student feeds the program a series of letters and the program will find or build mnemonic words. In seconds, the user can select from dozens , if not thousands of mnemonic words (all with the exact letters needed). You then choose the one with more personal significance to you.

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