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message master? xme is a software solution for enterprise messaging featuring SMS from every desktop, e-mail notification, e-mail to SMS and Instant Messaging from PC to PC via SMS and GPRS.
Key featuresSMS from every desktop:Short messages can be sent easily from every desktop to single or multiple recipients with the help of the intuitive graphical user interface. ; Wireless e-mail notification:message master? xme monitors your e-mail server for incoming mails and within seconds sends an according SMS-notification to your mobile phone including sender, subject and first lines of body-text.; E-mail-to-SMS:Make use of the E-mail-to-SMS gateway of message master? xme! E-mails will be automatically converted into SMS and instantly delivered to mobile phones.; Instant Messaging:The Instant Messaging feature allows a number of ways for direct and most discrete communication from PC to PC, via SMS to mobile phones and via GPRS to Pocket PCs.
Your benefits integration of your mobile workforce into your internal corporate information flow ; discreet availability of staff on the road; saving costs and saving time when exchanging information with your mobile workforce; significant increase of productivity and efficiency for mobile staff ; easy deployment and convenient use through user-friendly graphical interface ; numerous horizontal deployment scenarios e.g. mobile office, mobile service- and sales-support, dispatching of mobile workforce ; opportunity to seamlessly update to next higher editions or updates (scalability)

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