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Too many CDs, MOs, ZIPs,..? Then you need MEDIA IMAGER.Work with images as if they were the original media!




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MEDIA IMAGER creates images from any non-sequential medialike CDs, MOs, ZIPs, floppies, removable disks, hard disks,etc.(NOT streamer tapes).Any file or folder may be included as real copy. The combinationof image and copies makes up an "index".You can work with such indices just like with the original media,i.e. browse the directory structure, view file dates and contents,you may even execute programs that are included in an index!In addition MEDIA IMAGER can create indices in HTML format forpublishing via intranet or internet. The pages of these indicesare fully static - so no special server application is needed.Typical index size ranges form 1 per mille (MEDIA IMAGER format)up to 1% (HTML format) of the original medium's size.For example: You can provide access to the content of 1000 CDs on a single hard disk!Other features: individual ident numbers for each index for matchingreal media archives - up to 3 pictures (JPEG GIF PNG BMP format)may be included for easy identification - search function incl.full text retrieval - catalog creation for CD-R - ...More information at

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