Maverick Racing Ltd - Gerotor Design Studio

Engineering Design Software for the Design and Specification of Gerotor Pumping Elements. 3D CAD models and CNC files allow manufacture of the complet




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Description of Maverick Racing Ltd - Gerotor Design Studio:

A fully featured engineering design tool for the specification, design, modelling and manufacture of Gerotor pumping elements (internal gear elements). Uses for these elements include oil pumps, hydraulic pumps and other fluid transfer applications.The software will assist in the design of the gerotors to meet the engineers requirements (space and displacement constraints etc) and will allow full 3D CAD models to be produced (users PC must have a licensed copy of AutoCad R14 or higher installed to create the CAD models). Also CNC files can be created enabling the user to manufacture the gerotor elements with ease.This is a unique piece of software and is a must for anyone involved in pump design.

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