MatStream Product Information Center

Product Information/data manager linked with product documentation. Create an electronic product documentation bookshelf on your network.




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Description of MatStream Product Information Center:

MatStream Product Information Center is a professional data management system for all types of technical product data and attached documentation and certificates. Product Information Center is the main application of the "MatStream" program group. An other module of MatStream is Bill Of Materials.Items from Product Information Center can be dragged or copied into this Bill Of Materials. With this operation the link to the product data and documents will be remained. MatStream Bill of Materials features also recognition of type numbers and automatic printing of documentation and certificates for product manuals.Both applications, as well 'Product Information Center' as 'Bill Of Materials' need to be registered separately. See MatStream Bill Of Materials for more price information.Order this first license of MatStream Product Information Center with introduction discount. This introduction price is only applicable for the first license of MatStream PIC. The license can be expanded at no additional administration fee.

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