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With Sailbase you can prepare and print a sail passage plan in a relative easy way. Although the passage plan is the main purpose of the program, it c




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Features:General ? Easy management of waypoints, routes, charts and crew base? Unlimited number of databases, e.g. create a database per sailing area? Easy copying of waypoints, routes, charts etc. between databases? Easy uploading of waypoints and routes to your GPS? Passage Planning and real-time navigation program? Extensive printing facilities for waypoints, routes, chart library and crew list? Print preview on screen for each document? Printed passage plan with tidal, weather and crew info? Fast and easy panning of charts with right mouse button and "locator" window? Easy taking of bearing and distance between any two points? Cross-hair pointer for easy position determination and calibrationGPS Real Time Tracking ? Supports all GPS and devices that send the NMEA 0183 $GPRMC sentence GPS Upload/Download ? Support for any NMEA compliant GPS? Supports he Furuno proprietary protocol? Supports the Garmin proprietary protocol (most models)Planning Tools ? Unlimited routes and waypoints? Create a database for any of your sailing areas? Easy route and waypoint creation and editing? Passage Plan with route, ETA and course-to-steer? Interactive recalculation of course, speed and ETA per route leg? Chart Library? Crew list? Etc.

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