Landlord Enterprise Edition LITE

Manage and control every aspect of your rental properties and tenants, and streamline your administrative work into one easy to use software solution.




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Description of Landlord Enterprise Edition LITE:

Landlord will enable you to manage every tenant, and every suite in your apartment, condo building, or property units. You will be able to track discrete details about the state of each suite, and each tenant. Reports will indicate the vacant units vs. the occupied units. Rental arrangements and details can be stored. And all for a price that is affordable by even the smallest organization or landlord.

Landlord Enterprise Edition will run on the computer you have in your office, with no confusing installation and an easy-to-use, rich interface.

Record, save, and edit information about every one of your suites and apartments. Keep track of information about each suite, such as who it is rented to (or whether it is vacant), square footage, whether it is non-smoking, heating type, and other features like furniture, appliances, number of bath/bed rooms, etc. Also, an area for you to store custom notes about pets, vehicles, and service and maintenance issues. You can track building equipment by serial/model numbers, purchase date, and more. You can even store a scanned image of the floor plan of each suite!

Login-based security allows you to assign a username and password to everyone who uses Landlord. An administrator screen is accessible only to those who are granted access. The admin user has the ability to perform advanced functions, such as database backups, purges, and more.

Keep track of every one of your tenants! Manage information like credit card numbers, address and phone number, social insurance #, etc. Separate tenants by status - in-active or active.

Collect rental payments and generate receipts.

Run detailed reports on everything from apartment lists to tenant information. Reports include: Tenant Report, Apartment Report, InActive Tenants, Active Tenants, Vacant Apartments, Occupied Apartments, Rentals by Suite #, Payments by Suite #, and more!

The LITE Version has a 1 Building max, and allows you to save up to 150 Apartments and 150 Tenants.
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