KWAL For Windows: A Concordance Tool

A powerful search tool you can use to find the context where one or more search strings are found in multiple files (including txt, rtf, doc, pdf, etc




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Description of KWAL For Windows: A Concordance Tool:

KWAL for Windows (shorted as WinKWAL) is a search utility you can use to find the context where one or more search strings are found in multiple files, such as ASCII text files, RTF-format files, Microsoft Word files (*.doc), Microsoft Excel files (*.xls), Microsoft PowerPoint files (*.ppt), and Adobe PDF files (*.pdf). KWAL is an abbreviation for key word and lines; it can output several lines of context that match to certain user-specified keywords (called Concordance), allowing the user to view the context in which any given search strings are found.
From the linguistic perspective, WinKWAL is an automatic concordance program; from the data processing perspective, however, WinKWAL is an all-around and very powerful search tool, which can handle files of any size, restricted only by memory.
Main features:Provide user-friendly wizard.; Manage all types of files to be processed by creating a workspace file.; Edit and modify the search result with the fully functional built-in text viewer.; Compare and view the frequency count of each search words in a set of files.; Internal text viewer allows you to edit and save the search results in a text file.; Internal text viewer allows you to configure fonts and colors setting.; Compile a list of quite a few search words as an include file; making the search process very quick and efficient.; Load the saved workspace easily from the entries in the Favorites menu.; Perform the case sensitive search in multiple files.; Provide full print preview and printing capability for the keyword search results.; The column and line positions are always displayed in the status bar of the search results window. Also the file size is correctly reflected upon the search results you try to edit.WinKWAL can be used in: Language teaching and learning (eg. finding the example sentences where your search words are found) ; Language comprehension (eg. understanding the meaning and use of each occurrence); Corpus linguistics (eg. doing linguistic analysis using the concordance functionality) ; Text search (eg. finding particular instructions or commands in a pool of codes); Content analysis in many disciplines (including astronomy, history, marketing, politics, economics, and media studies); Literary and linguistic research (eg. studying the stylistics)

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