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Keep Spam free your POP3 e-mail box. Read only the ¡°mail enveloped¡± and filter the Spam by subject, address or domain.




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Description of Kill Spam:

Keep SPAM free all your POP3 e-mail boxes.Do not waste time and money download the spam messages, simply delete themon the serverAre you concerned because your email box has 20 megabytes of messages? Noproblem. KillSpam downloads only the email header, allowing you to read thesubject, date and several message lines. This allows you to delete Spammessages and only download emails you want to read..KillSpam does not execute script, which means you are protected from scriptemail viruses. Interceptor Grid Filter, with this feature KILLSPAM automatic detect anddelete messages that you are declared SPAM or Virus. You indicated theundesirable messages writing their subject in the interceptor grid. (KillSpamscans the messages subject and those that match with interceptor grid aredelete. The match criteria can be exact, partial, case sensitive or caseinsensible. Also you can filter by address or the whole spammer domain.KillSpam can filter messages by sender address. It scans the addresses ofincoming emails and compares them to unwanted addresses defined in the FilterAddress Grid. If the filter and the addresses match, the messages are deleted. The KillSpam Watcher is a program that works in tandem with KillSpam,frombackgrpound, automatically checking email accounts at regular (customizable)intervals and alerting you if you have messages. Watcher does not download anymessages, but only indicates the number of emails, their size and to whichaccount they've been sent. The Watcher is connected to KillSpam so you can runKillSpam from the Watcher The interceptor grid can be save to a file or load from a file or loadmanually.You can download the shareware version FREE, and evaluate it for 30 days.  

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