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Description of Key2Speak:

One of the best writing tips you could ever receive is to have text read aloud to you. Hearing the written word is often more revealing than reading it on a computer screen. This program is a handy companion for whenever you're writing on the computer. It's a utility that uses speech synthesis technology to automatically read a selected piece of text. Key2Speak should work with all Windows applications, including word processors, e-mail clients and instant messengers. The program operates "on-the-fly," offering immediate feedback as you're composing.

The settings dialog allows you to configure the inputs that make your keyboard speak. For example, you can have it read text after periods, commas or question marks are typed. It can also wait until you've hit the return key, such as when you're finished writing a paragraph. By adjusting the program to your liking, it shouldn't interfere with your writing.

Key2Speak can also automatically read copied text from the clipboard.

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