ipAnywhere - Essential Tool for pcAnywhere

ipAnywhere is designed to connect pcAnywhere users across the Net to their pcAnywhere Host without needing to have any experience with IP addresses.




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Windows All Versions

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Description of ipAnywhere - Essential Tool for pcAnywhere:

ipAnywhere is a companion product for Symantec Corporation's pcAnywhere versions 9, 10 and 10.5, designed to make connection of Remote PC's to Host PC's much simpler across the internet. When run as Host on one computer and a Remote on another, over the Internet, ipAnywhere will seamlessly integrate the Host IP address into the Remote's pcAnywhere and optionally launch pcAnywhere at both ends, completing the connection. ipAnywhere is particularly useful in situations where people with limited computer experience need to connect to other machines, or allow connection to their own. With minimal User interaction, ipAnywhere will connect pcAnywhere Remotes to their Host, or start a Host session. ipAnywhere handles connection between both static and dynamically assigned IP's. Provided both PC's have ipAnywhere installed, the IP will be retrieved and integrated into the Remote's pcAnywhere. Once connection has been established, ipAnywhere automatically shrinks to the 'system tray' and remains semi-active until you close the session.

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