Electronic Attendance IN/OUT Board. See who is IN or OUT of the office.




$24.95 (USD)


Windows All Versions


Description of IN/OUT BOARD:

The IN/OUT BOARD program allows you to operate a ELECTRONIC IN/OUT board from your personal workstation. See where everyone is in the company. Sort by First name, Last name or department. When you change the IN/OUT status of an employee the program puts the current date and time stamp in the database so you can see when the data was changed. If someone is out on vacation or sick leave, leave a memo with instructions on how to handle their messages or visitors. In a meeting? Don't want to be disturbed? Change your status on your workstation, everyone knows instantly.This program does NOT change your registry or any windows DLL'S nor does it run in your system tray. DEMO version is v1.00. Shipping version is 1.5. Last updated May 9, 2001.

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