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About Hospipac Hospipac is an unique user-friendly, dynamically built-in software that meets the ever growing demands of all the users in a hospital / clinic setup thereby providing better patient care and reducing the time and money spent on practice management manually.

HOSPIPAC exposes its innovation, with its utility in hospitals and clinics that wish to modernize and improve, by bridging the gap between the patient and you for continuous improvement in patient care. 

This PC-based software gives you innovative solution for lowering costs, optimizing resource use, and improving in the quality care. Here is the best way to succeed in being the best and delivering the best to your Patients. Features
Maintenance of registration and revisit information of all the patients made easy.
All fields of the case sheet are provided for the doctor to fill in with minimal typing requirement.
Flexible  customization of  case sheets according to your area of specialization including diagnostic tests and drugs.
Graphical representation of investigation results and vital data recordings for easy analysis over a period of time.
Generates alerts when you prescribe interacting drugs from your customized list of routinely used drugs .
Reports of diagnostic test requests, treatment prescribed, referral letters, medical certificates and case summaries can be generated automatically.
Provided with a complete drug data base and search facilities for quick reference.
Secure accessibility to individual user depending on the number of users in a hospital and their nature of job.
Web enabled medical records- patient details can be uploaded on to the hospital’s website with patients permission for universal access.

For more information please visit http://www.hospipac.com

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