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Personal and small business money management for Palm. Features: accounts, transactions, multicurrency, powerful and flexible searhing and reporting t




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Description of Handy Finance Full for Palm:

Features of the program

"Handy Finance" is intended for mobile personal and small business money management. It allows to answer the frequent questions like "How much money I have now", "What receipts and expenses are planned", "For what things I have spent my money" and many other.

It has following features:

; automatic accounting for money movement between different accounts,

; many currencies and convenient tool for converting currencies,

; double (mirror) transactions,

; flexible and powerful tool for searching and reporting,

; four user-defined categories and many other useful fields,

; free lite version allows much more than some simpler paid programs of this class,

; free PC desktop module with open source which allows to see all data and make reports.


Whats new

1.02 version, main new features:

; free PC desktop module "Handy Finance Desktop",

; fractional part not disappears for big numbers,

; sorting for transactions and accounts,

; advanced currency features: home currency, relation type, custom editing,

; cross transactions for storing different amounts and currencies for each part of transaction,

; no nags in demo.


System requirements

; PalmOS 3.5 and higher,

; at least 4mb of memory.

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