Guesthouse - Guest Management System

A reservation, room management and billing system for small hotels.




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Description of Guesthouse - Guest Management System:

Guesthouse - guest management system is an affordable, simple to use and install hotel management system for guesthouses, hostels, bed and breakfasts, and small hotels.

Guesthouse was developed for the needs of small to medium accommodation management. The program has reservation, guest management, billing, accounting, and statistics capabilities.



The main user interface graphically shows reservations and the occupation of beds. Different colours are used for unconfirmed reservations, confirmed reservations, present guests, checked-out guests, no shows, and female and male guests. Reservations may be made for individuals or groups as far ahead as you wish. A waiting list can be kept.

Data of returning guests is kept in memory. Only a minimum of data entry is required.

The billing and accounting module automatically calls regular expenses such as room rates. It also shows the product descriptions you use instead of using any codes. You may fix different prices for different client categories, or a price reduction after a certain length of stay. It is now also possible to enter different prices for different room types. Sales tax (Value added tax) may be computed, even when different rates apply to different items. It is possible to bill to intermediaries such as travel agencies. You may also bill consumptions to guests who are not staying at your place.

Accounting summaries can be produced for any given day, month, or year. If you choose to use the optional password-protection you will also know who of your staff billed what.

E-mail can be sent directly from within the programme. You may use E-mail templates for regular tasks such as confirming a reservation.

Statistics show room occupation, busy periods, and the geographical origin of your guests.

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