Glass Cutting Suite

Nesting software for glass cutting, sheet metal nesting and cutting optimization.




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Description of Glass Cutting Suite:

Glass Cutting Suite is a state of the art nesting software for generating optimized layouts and reducing scrap generated by 2 Dimensional Rectangular cutting (Guillotine cutting or shearing) processes. It finds application in varied industries such as Glass cutting, Sheet Metal layout and fabrication, Wood working, Building panel, Carpet, PCB, acrylics etc. Whether your stock is in the form of Sheets or Coils (rolls), once you define your cutting job, the layout software requires just one mouse click to arrange the parts on appropriate stocks. It requires minimum skill and effort from the operator for generating the optimized layouts. It helps in cutting down wastage in Material, Time, Labor and Process.-Significantly reduces sheet size and cost waste due to high sheet material yield. -Maximizes productivity by saving time needed to create patterns. -Lets you know how long it will take you to cut a job. -Determines the number of sheets or boards to order in advance. If you can't do this, shortages are a problem - extras are costly. -Shows whether a different sheet or board size will save you money. -Special cutter blade width (Ex: glass cutter, or box to box gap, woodworking chain saw blade width). Eliminates cutting errors and drastically reduces operator mistakes. -Provides for board stock tracking Parts labeling option saves you even more time. -CAD interface through DXF export. -Quickly and accurately estimate your material requirements, support cost optimize, tell you what sheet sizes should be ordered according to sheet size or price. -Automatic generation and tracking of offcuts. -Customizable layout display, print, export DXF file. -Layout rearrange. -Customizable import sheets, parts, offcuts data. -Simple User Interface. -No limit on number of parts. Part rotation allowed. -Cut simulation. -Summary and detailed reports with layout drawings. -Detailed information about each layout. -No limit on number of parts. Part rotation allowed. -Export G code.-Import parts from DXF file.-Support guillotine/nested mode.

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