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Description of GAG Level Adjustment Program (Single License):

Tired of adjusting long bench runs by hand? Fed up using an awkward spreadsheet? Do you hate to use something that sort-of works? Well, we have the answer for you!GAG Computer Software, Inc. is proud to announce GAG-L.A.P. (short for GAG Level Adjustment Program), a bench level adjustment program. This is a complete bench level adjustment program with a slick "Field Book" like interface. This software is available as a full-featured demonstration version. By full-featured, we mean that the program is not crippled in any way - everything works. However, the demonstration version will only function for thirty (30) days. The demonstration version is un-locked by a registration code available from GAG Computer Software, Inc.Features: Works in NGVD29 or NAVD88 English Units or Metric Units Convert English data into Metric data and vice versa Single Wire Level Runs Adjust by Number of Turns Adjust by Avg. Backsight/Foresight Distance Three Wire Level Runs 1st Order Runs 2nd Order Runs 3rd Order Runs Maximum Sight Distance Warning Backsight Distance/Foresight Distance Difference Warnings Center Wire vs. Computed Mean Maximum Deviation Warning Printable Reports Bench Run Information Report Adjusted Bench Mark Tabulation Report System Requirements: Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0 Printer for reports (optional)GAG Computer Software, Inc. will contact you following your purchase with additional registration Information.

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