FtpPlus 400 - AS/400 Ftp Client

FTP Plus 400 is an inexpensive, reliable and flexible FTP AS400 client based on IBM batch FTP providing total control over your FTP session


V3.0 and up


$799 (USD)


Windows All Versions

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Description of FtpPlus 400 - AS/400 Ftp Client:

FTP Plus 400 is an inexpensive, reliable and very flexible FTP AS400 client based on IBM batch FTP providing total control over your FTP session. FTP Plus 400 automates the tasks involved with sending and receiving files via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). FtpPlus can automatically send or receive files from a remote system on demand, on a scheduled basis, or under the control of external application programs. FTP Client monitors the status of each transfer, records the results in a permanent history file, and provides diagnostic information for each session. It features unique "tree explorer" user interface allows you to set up ftp transfer in the matter of minutes, with no programming required. The FTP Plus 400 can scan remote or local directories based on you custom file mask and then perform multiple FTP actions (like GET, PUT, REN, DEL, etc). FTP Plus 400 allows establishing connection to a custom FTP server based on user defined error determination settings. Multiple user exit point can handle one by one or all at once file processing. FTP Plus 400 contains schedule facility similar to native IBM job schedule providing you with ability to run FTP transfer on schedule or interval basis. In addition FTP Plus 400 includes full archiving and purging capabilities so there is no worry later about growing disk usage. To integrate FTP functions with your RPG, Cobol and CL applications the Application Program Interfaces provide an easy-to-use and flexible means of performing FTP sessions. In the FTP Plus 400 common FTP task like pooling remote files, sending files from the local system logic is build it so it will get you up and running fast. Example of API usage is provided for you plug in into your application. Data format translation done by using external conversion programs.Sophisticated error notification includes e-mail and message queues notification. Not only errors are reported on different levels but also FTP Plus 400 can report successful steps attaching FTP logs, received files and custom messages to assist with testing and implementation fazes. User exist are available to use custom message notification application on you system. FTP Plus 400 gives you the options you need to properly manage FTP on your AS/400 and respond to error conditions. FTP Plus 400 FTP can be easely integrated with legacy EDI systems such as Trusted Link EDI/400, Gentran and Extol. Common applications for FTP Plus 400 include but not limited to transmitting software updates, exchanging data between remote hosts, reliably transmitting critical EDI data over VPN?s such as ANX and distributing information to data warehouse applications within LAN/WAN environments. It has also been used to fill the hole left by EDI software vendors in providing reliable exchange of EDI transactions with traditional EDI networks such as Sterling Commerce, Harbinger, IBM Global (Advantis), GEIS, and Kleinschmidt over high-speed TCP/IP connections. FTP Plus 400 is not limited to the file transfer only, it is successfully used to purge archive files from DMZ/FTP server, monitor for network connection and connectivity issue notifications. FTP Plus 400 is the fastest growing FTP client application for AS/400. It was designed to be inexpensive, reliable and flexible tool for today?s EC Commerce needs. The AS/400 FTP Plus 400 home website features support, discussion forums and software updates. Download full-featured version of FTP Plus 400 and try it today.

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