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Use For The Record ? to help organize your music record albums and CDs.




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Description of For The Record 3:

For The Record ? is computer program that helps you organize and manage your record albums. Artist names, album titles and assiciated song titles are keyed into the program's database. Specify the label maker of the album, the album category (Classical, Country, etc), the sleeve condition of the album, the record condition and its market value. This Windows ? based program is easy to use. It has the same look and feel as Microsoft Windows ? Explorer as it presents all keyed information in a tree hierarchy. The tree hierarchy provides you with a quick way to assess what you have without physically accessing the albums. You can rename and delete for ease of access and management of such information. The program has many features that make it powerful yet user friendly. Features such as the Find command so the database can be searched to locate the albums and song titles and the Print command so index reports can be printed. Use the reports for your record keeping and you may present it to your insurance company for insurance purposes. The program is intended for work and home. DJs, sudios and record collectors can also use this software.

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