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Flash Studio PRO and FlashCast Bundle




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Description of Flash Studio PRO & Flashcast Bundle:

Flash Studio PRO features over 300 FSCommands and unmatched functionality including, DirectX, Joystick Support, Access and MySQL Database Connectivity, ActiveX, Remote Projector Access and much, much more! Flash Studio PRO will take your SWF file and compile a fully customizable projector (exe) or screensaver (scr) for royalty free distribution! Create real Win32 Applications from your Macromedia Flash Movies!

Think you know Flash? ...Think again!

Flash Studio PRO empowers your Macromedia 4,5 and MX SWF files with unrivaled functionality and flexibility. Flash Studio PRO also extends Flash Actionscript with over 300 new and extremely powerful fscommands, including advanced commands which allow database connection, Real Time Socket Communication and true Video and HTML support for real multimedia capabilities.

Using Flash Studio PRO is extremely simple. You simply create your application in Macromedia Flash 4, 5 or MX (or any other SWF generating software) and insert the new fscommands into your actionscript syntax. Run the SWF file through Flash Studio PRO, customize how your program should look, and that's it! Flash Studio PRO will compile a fully working executable with the power to Save, Delete, Create, Browse and much, much more!

What can Flash Studio PRO do?
Create Win32 Applications and Screensavers from a SWF file! ; Extend your SWF movie with over 300 New FSCommands! ; Connect to an Access or MySQL Database with NO server/client side scripting! ; Enable Direct Resolutions and Joystick control for your SWF! ; Connect to other Projectors with just 1 command! ; Realtime Socket Communication ; Embed ActiveX Components and Objects ; Run Video and HTML inside your Projector! ; Access System Files, Registry, even open the CD tray!
Flashcast will record any on-screen activity and compile as an SWF, complete with mouse movements and clicks! Flashcast is the premiere tool with which to build tutorials, presentations, corporate training material and desktop screen captures!

Create tutorials, presentations and much, much more!

Using Flashcast is extremely simple. You can create a new project with ease and choose to screen-capture at full screen, custom size, or even select a specific application! Customize recording options and output quality and begin creating your tutorials and training material within seconds - All mouse movements and onscreen events are captured automatically!

What can Flashcast do?
Capture all Onscreen Activity ; Capture all Mouse Movement and Clicks ; Capture all Keystrokes ; Convert Powerpoint Presentations to SWF ; Add Information Layers ; Add Sound Effects and Narration ; Create Tutorials, Presentations, Training Material and More!
Actions speak louder than words... be sure to record them!


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